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The Tigerstop can Push up to 120 lbs when roller tables are used, and can be ordered up to 30 feet long.

The Tigerstop is the most often sold positioning system we offer, and has saved companies in the wood and metal industries thousands of dollars in rework and material waste. With a typical savings estimate of around 30%, this machine will pay for itself in no time.

Add your new Tigerstop to your existing saw, or order a new saw to put it on. These are commonly used with upcut saws, in the woodworking industry.

Adding Optimizing and Downloading Software allows the operator to download cut lists to the tigerstop, then nest them to get maximum yield out of the raw material. This minimizes waste and speeds up the cutting process.

Even the best saw operators make mistakes from time to time and have to cut a part over again, creating waste and losing time. The Tigerstop greatly minimizes this loss of productivity and helps keep your operators making money.

Time is $$$$!!!

The Tigerstop can be used on any existing upcut saw, bandsaw, punch, drill, press, or chopsaw. A common configuration for wood shops is shown below.

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