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With over 30 years experience, Doringer keeps it simple by focusing on what they do best, and that is bringing you quality cold saws desinged to hold up with  prolonged use and continue to operate for a long time to come. Four models of Doringer saws allow you to choose between manual , semi-automatic, or autoamatic operation. Check them out today!  

PMI Saws

Pat Mooney Saws are high quality upcut saw systems designed to cut aluminum with a mirror finish, eliminating burrs with a smooth cut and proper lubrication. These saws are often paired with Tigerstop lineal positioning systems to provide accurate, smooth cuts with precision and speed. More than half a century of experience in the metal cutting industry goes into these exceptional saws.


The Tigersaw 2000 is the ultimate saw system designed to cut non-ferrous metals. Featuring a state-of-the-art lube-mist system, adjustable pneumatic clamps, an adjustable cutting envelope, and the ability to use with anything from a tigerstop fence to an HD2 capable of pushing up to 2100 lbs, the Tigersaw can tackle the most rigorous demands placed on an aluminum cutting saw with ease. Check it out on, or give us a call!
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