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Vertical Panel saws save space by utilizing a small footprint in a wood shop. They save wear and tear on tablesaws used for ripping sheet goods and offer a safer way to process sheet goods! Give us a call for a quote on a panel saw that fits your budget and size of operation.

Safety Speed Panel Saws

6400 Panel Saw

Standard Equipment

  • 3 Hp worm driven heavy-duty saw motor.

  • 10 ft. welded steel frame.

  • Chrome-plated 1 3/4″ guide tubes.

  • 8 Nylatron roller bearing systems.

  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.

  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.

  • Thin material pressure guard.

  • Solid aluminum material rollers.

  • Enclosed counterweight system.

  • Integrated dust collection bonnet.

  • Extended warranty.

  • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards.

7000M Panel Saw


Max. Crosscut: 64"/1625mm

Max. Rip Cut: Unlimited

Max. Cut Thickness: 2"/50mm

Cut Accuracy, Straight And Square: 1/64"/.4mm

Saw Blade Diameter: 8"/210mm

Motor: 3~230V, 7.6 amp

Frame Length: 120"/3050mm

Product shipping information

Weight: 950 lbs

Dimensions: 124 x 42 x 95 in

SVP 133 - SVP 145



  • Welded steel frame

  • 0,1 mm. accuracy

  • Manual displacement of the beam and saw carriage for horizontal and vertical cuttings.

  • Manual plunging and returning of saw carriage, by means of ergonomic lever.


  • Automatic or Manual shifting frame to avoid the cutting of the plastic strips during horizontal cuts.

  • Self-braking motor.

  • Bottom aluminum supports with phenolic soles.

  • Lift-up rollers to easily the sliding of the panels.

  • N°2 Stops for vertical cuttings.

  • * Short piece cutting device

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